Unlimited Backup Storage

Your FTP backup hosting with unlimited disk space, file support up to 2TB, dedicated 1Gbps bandwidth and data preview via NextCloud web panel.
As part of the service, depending on the package, you will receive the appropriate number of accounts:
- Simple Pack: 1 account with sFTP, FTP and SSH access: € 199/year
- Trio Pack: 1 account with sFTP, FTP and SSH access, 2 accounts with sFTP and FTP access: €269/year
- Nino Paco: 1 account with sFTP, FTP and SSH access, 9 accounts with sFTP and FTP access: €349/year

There is an annual contract with the option of payment in advance or monthly. For monthly payments, a one-time setup fee of € 25 will be added to the price of the service. The notice period is 1 month with effect at the end of the calendar month or the end of the contract if the first settlement period is in progress.
Activation is carried out automatically and lasts a maximum of 24 hours.
Our cloud hosting for backups is based on servers physically located in the UK, the Netherlands, France and Germany. We guarantee SLA at the level of 99% per annum. For 14 days, you have the right to resign from the service and withdraw from the contract in the event of our failure to comply with the contracts under the contact, failure to meet the warranty.
Security. The most important thing for us is your safety, therefore each account has a generated password of 32 characters with special characters, numbers, upper and lower case letters, and its change is possible only after prior contact with the support. The SLA time of the support department is up to 2 hours. It is not possible to change the password online, so you always have access to your files, and you can secure the main billing account and contact with the support department via 2FA via email, code generator or SMS.
All connections to our server are encrypted and require TLS 1.3 and SSL 3.0 support. We do not support and do not recommend the use of lower security versions.
We save the data in the so-called simultaneous mirroring on 4 hard drives (RAID10). Each of the servers has two reimbursable power supplies, and the server rooms are secured with a connection for 6 hours and air-conditioned. By keeping the temperature and humidity constant, we can be sure of the security of your data. It's not all about security!
In addition, we make daily backups of the data stored on servers in compressed special archives on LTO tapes. In this way, we have a 100% safety guarantee.
Copy using SCP. Each account with access to SSH supports the implementation of data transfer in a direct copy using the SCP protocol. You can make copies both to the backup server and restore from the backup server.
Guaranteed bandwidth of 1gbps for copy upload. We do not guarantee the download speed. Upload has priority on the link. If you want to restore backups, stop all transfers to the backup server. This way you will free up your 1gbps bandwidth.

Our company deals only with the provision of secure backup hosting services all over the world, in particular in the European Union countries. The company has a share capital paid in and secured on a bank account in the amount of £ 1,000,000, guaranteeing its solvency in case of unforeseen situations.

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